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Feb 16, 2010
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Hi there, was hoping someone could shine a light on my problem;
Im a 3rd year student studying computer forensics in Wales, UK and for my project I plan to create a small program to track or confirm online payments. The scerario will be totally fictional.
The project will be connected to a database which has been built in Access and for simplicity purposes the customer will only be allowed to buy one item
The plan is once a payment has been received the details need to match the customers within the database and if it does not it will flag up. So for example if the IP address is different it will flag up, or if the amount of the order is far more than what the limit is it will flag up. As said before it will be totally fictional therefore the input to the project will be purposely manipulated to show certain aspects flagging up.
I have only done the database so far and quite curious on how to build the program. I have some experience within Visual Basic 2005 but that is about it. Therefore any help that can be given would be fantastic.
Thanking you in advance
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