OleDbException Unhandled (No value given for one or more required parameters.)


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Apr 5, 2015
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Hello ! I am making a project on Railway reservation system in which I want the user should have access to his booking history . In my project , many people can have accounts . A user can also view his booking history . So , for that a user enters his phone number and that number will be used to match against the records which the user wants to view. The following code access records from two tables in the database . When I run this code for only one table ( accessing records from one table ) , it works fine but when I run this code for two tables , it gives me an error saying OleDbexception was unhandled .
 [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]Using cmd As OleDbCommand = MyConn.CreateCommand[/COLOR]            ds = New DataSet
            tables = ds.Tables
            Using da As New OleDbDataAdapter
                cmd.CommandText = "Select  P.Tnumber,P.Name ,P.Age ,T.PNR_Number,P.Train_Name ,P.SeatNo ,P.Berth ,P.Coach_Number,  T.Starting_Point , T.Destination , T.Departure , T.Arrival , T.Fare  From Table1 As P INNER JOIN Table2 As T ON P.Train_Name = T.Train_Name WHERE P.Phone = ?"

                    cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("p1", TextBox1.Text)
                    da.SelectCommand = cmd
                    da.Fill(ds, "Table2")
                    Dim view As New DataView(tables(0))
                    source1.DataSource = view
                    DataGridView1.DataSource = view

                Catch ex As Exception
                End Try

            End Using
        End Using
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