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May 19, 2014
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I'm a beginning programmer in, my knowledge is pretty basic, so i will do my best to understand the replies of you people :)

I'm making a simple Q&A quiz in First form is an input form of 15 questions, which i save in Mysettings.
Back on the home screen there's a GENERATE button, that starts the quiz and goes trough the questions.


- Saving under MySettings is (in my opinion :)) easier than using for example repositories, but is it recommended to use that kind of saving procedure ? Especially when i would like to have another windows form that goes trough all the questions..

- For my next step (after pushing the GENERATE button) i need to access all the questions in the MySettings and use them, which command do i use for that ?

Again, i'm a beginner so sorry for the stupid question and also sorry for my english :)

Thanks in advance !



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Aug 17, 2004
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There's obviously a grey area but My.Settings is generally used for configuration data, not record. If you have a small amount of record data then you might put it in a StringCollection in My.Settings but generally you should be using a database or some other external file.

As for saving, it's all but irrelevant because that's about commiting new values to the config file for storage between sessions, not during a session. If you modify a property of My.Settings somewhere in your app then the new value is available everywhere then and there, without saving. A save happens automatically at shutdown by default.
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