Multi-Application Access Control List

Oct 22, 2012
St Arnaud, VIC
Programming Experience
We currently use Active Directory to manage access to all of our web applications in house as well as all network resources, however we have started to develop a series of .NET WinForm applications which we are wanting to secure with a much finer level of control.

The applications in question are WinForm applications written in VB.NET which access a wide variety of data from our in house customer database including payment information and personal contact information. What we are trying to do is to use some sort of system which will allow us to apply both role based and user based security similar to the way that Active Directory applies security to files and directories, while at the same time being able to ensure that authentication is handled by Active Directory. We have already achieved Active Directory authentication by restricting the app to domain authenticated computers and capturing the current user, but are having issues with finding a permissioning system already on the market which will allow us to pass the domain name to the checker along with what permission is needed for the current task and to get either an allowed or denied return from it.

Does anyone know of an existing system on the market which can be used which supports this or will we have to make our own and if we have to make our own does anyone have any idea where to direct us to get started with it.

Thanks in advance.
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