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May 11, 2005
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Hi there,

Just want to start by stating that I'm a beginner using
I need for a program to be located at the notification area when minimized and for a timer to show, with a given interval, a popup originating from that same icon. That popup may be a balloon or a popup notification like the one shown by msn when some contact becomes online. I already created the timer function. .Only need some help with the icon in the notification area and the popup
Can anyone help me on this one or point me some directions?


I'm not quite sure what you're asking but let me guess if i may:

you need a System tray icon that appears if you minimize your current form .. is that right? And appear notification if user move with mouse over icon?

Ok, this is very rough example but as i wasn't sure about that idon't spent much time with it ... but we could improve it later of course ... cheers :)


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That worked perfectly kulrom! :) Thanks!
Now, I'm only left with the second part of my question (that has nothing to do with the first).
I need to show up a balloon-like window whenever the mouse passes over the notify icon (like the one that shows saying that you've unused icons) showing how much time is left (it's a timer application). Also, at given intervals (specified by a timer control) the same balloon window should display specific messages. Another alternative is to display a popup window (poping-up from the notify area) like the one showed by MSN whenever a contact gets online.

Any help appreciated.

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