Question MS Word Addin (Local Language Spell Checker)


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Jan 19, 2009
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Good Day All,

Hope you guys can give a little help on this one. I'm tasked to create a spell checker addin for MS Word in our local language, I already had experience (some time ago) using MS Office's spell checker component on a VB6 app, but this one is different as it would reference a localized db of words and I am thinking if I would still use the components of MS office or develop new one from scratch (which I think would not be feasible).

I'm wondering if I could find out how or where Word gets it definitions from and maybe create a similar repository for my own list of words and spellings (if possible), but if it comes to a point wherein I would have to start from scratch, how would I start off with this one? (creating the algorithms, etc... ) and how hard would it be.

Some bit of guidance would be extremely helpful.

Thank you very much for reading my post and thanks in advance for any help/assistance.



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