moving splitter in desired range????


Jun 3, 2004
Programming Experience
i have a form with two panels with a splitter in between them...i want to restrict splitter moving toward right side of the form; i.e. i dont want to shrink right-side panel...i only want to move splitter towards left-side of the form upto CERTAIN LIMIT; i dont want to shrink left-panel that much so it gets almost short u can say that i want to move splitter in my desired can i do so??? do i hav to code some events of splitter or do i hav to set some properties?? whteva is da solution plz tell me...i will be really grateful...thks in advance...
I would suggest setting the Dock property of the left panel to Left, the main (or right) panel to Fill, and the splitter's Dock property to Left. Then you can set the MinExtra property of the splitter to the minimum size that you want the right panel to be.