Mouse over events


Jun 15, 2004
Programming Experience
Hi everyone

I have a picture and I want to do an event when my mouse is over, I use, the mouseHover events for that. My problem is that it is very slow to react, like 1 or 2 secs, This is not my computer who is too slow because on every computer it take a least 2 sec to do the events. I want to know if there is another way to do a mouseHover events or anything that would help too get faster.

Thx a lot
the mousehover event is for when you pause the mouse over the object (hence the 2second delay) if you want an instant reaction use the MouseEnter (and MouseExit) events for the object.

or if you want it delayed for a fraction of a second (video game purposes or whatever) you can use the MouseEnter event to enable a Timer and in the timer's Tick event diable the timer and do whatever it is that you want done in the MouseEnter event.

that's my suggestion(s) at least :)