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Dec 18, 2004
Los Angeles, CA - USA
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Hello everyone,

I need help with my application that will use Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer. It is seven days I am looking for the answer in almost everywhere, but can’t find it. I need to know how my application can determine if Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer windows are open (activated). I found information about how to open and use each of these programs through the Component Object Model (COM), but this is not what I want it is only creates a new instance of the component. Ok this is how my program will work. When it runs it should check if Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer windows are open, and than it should check if any of the text is selected (it may also be done if the user double clicks a word in the Word, it automatically selects the word) than the selected word is copied into the application’s TextBox. Any suggestion would be helpful.

Thank you for your Time!

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