Making an auto download, update, video player application


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Nov 16, 2006
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Hello everyone I would like to create a program that downloads files automatically or manually (user's choice) from my website through ftp with username and password that I have made for that ftp account.

Then for users to login have them verified by an xml file or mysql database (It seems that nothing will work for me as I recieve an error about the version number for MySQL but I would like to use MySQL so I and tie it the user names of my vbulletin forums and have it so certain groups can access the files.)

Auto Update
The click once doesn't work for me because of the error in the program. So if you guys have a nice simple alternative that can check a txt file or xml file (small file) that checks the version number on every connect and lets the user know there is an update or to start the download and then launch the update to the program.

Video Player
Play videos that are downloaded from my website using VLC player or Windows Media player. I have been having problems trying to figure out how to import the windows media player into a program and play back files that have been downloaded.

Then have update information displayed from an rss feed. Say from a vbulletin website.

Basically a program like windows update, xfire, ign downloader, EA downloader but downloads are set by me for the users.
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