Making a copy of a project


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Jul 2, 2004
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I created a project with 15 forms. The project is specifically for a geographic market. Now I want to create the same project for another geographic market, with one difference. I need to create 15 databases for these forms in the new market with different information since its a new market. When I got on Windows Explorer and made a copy of the project, along with it came the various files .resourses,.vb,pdb,xsx,suo,vsd,resx. Are there any files I just listed that I can delete from this copy without making the copy inoperative?

All the forms in this new project will be almost the same except for some text in the labels on the forms as well as the different information in the databases. The database structure will be the same, just different data. I guess I am saying is what files that I copied over to the new project, can I get rid? Maybe there is another way of creating a copy of a project instead of creating these 15 forms all over again, when they are going to be the same as the original.

Thanks for your help. I apologize for the length of this question

John M
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