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Jun 12, 2012
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Hello everybody,
I've been having problems lately with Internet explorer, Microsoft Windows and some virus checkers saying to my potentially new customers that my software might be dangerous to download and install. Well obviously my software is no such thing. I later learnt that to remove these annoying warnings, all I needed was a Code Sighing Certificate. I have to Code Sign my software, hmm OK.

Whilst looking around for an affordable Code Signing Certificate, I came across a company in the USA. At First I was a bit dubious about using this company because of 3 main reasons.

  1. I'm in the UK, they are in the USA.
  2. Their prices just seemed way too cheap to be true.
  3. $95 for 1 year(That can't be correct, can it?). Other companies are charging up to $350 for the exact same service. Some UK companies even more.

Anyway, For $95(about £62) I though I would just go for it, £62 was not really a lot of money to lose if it all went wrong. Well guess what, everything ran perfectly smoothly and I received my 1 year code signing certificate within 24 hours :)

I then contacted the firm asking them if I can upgrade to a 5 year certificate. They said that I could by reapplying for a new certificate and that in the Partner Id, I should type CPNSIMPLY. So now I'm just waiting for my new 5 year Code Signing Certificate for only $365 USD(about £236 GBP), they have already refunded me for my 1 year certificate. What a great price and a great service from this company.

The company I'm talking about are called K-Software, and I for one will keep using them from now on. They also supply really cheap SSL certificates for websites as well. I highly recommend that other forum users use this company for their software Code Signing Certificates. K-Software can be found at http://codesigning.ksoftware.net.

K-Software are a Comodo partner and can be found right next to Intel on the Comodo Strategic Partners list at http://www.comodo.com/partners/strategic-partners.php

K-Software logo below

You can go to my website (URL at the bottom of this post), click on Download and then download Simply Invoice V2 software for yourselves. You will see that the file is now fully Code Signed and that there are no more downloading or Installation warning messages in any version of Windows :)

If anybody does decide to purchase a Code Signing Certificate from K-Software, please type in CPNSIMPLY where it says Partner Id on the checkout page, thank you.

I highly recommend K-software for all your Code Signing Certificates, give them a try, you will not be disappointed

Peter Simpson
Simply Software (UK)
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