Is any one is using Dotannotate and dotimage from


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Mar 17, 2005
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This is regarding Dotannotate and dotimage SDK (

Following are the queries:

1. Ability to draw squares and circle objects using rectangle annotation and ellipse annotation respectively.
When user clicks on a button, he should be able to draw a square and circle and not rectangle or ellipse.
Also the aspect ratio for squares, circles,rectangles and ellipse, should be maintatined during resizing, based on initial size.

2. Ability to align text (left/right/center), and ability to selectively format text (different color and font for first and third line etc.) in Text annotation.

3. Ability to draw only horizontal or vertical lines when user clicks and drags.

4. On creating a text annotation the resize event does not get fired at the right time ie the event is fired the moment the focus is set on the annotateviewer and not when textannotation is resized? Where do I put the handler so that resize event is fired on resizing of textannotation?

5. Ability to selectively erase freehand annotations ie draw a curve and erase only a part of it similar to eraser.

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