Question InstallShield 2010 Project Dependencies problem.


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Aug 10, 2011
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Hi guys.

Previously I used to deploy my VB6 products by Setup Factory program, and not only it had a "Scan Visual Basic Project" tool that completely recognized all of the project dependencies, but also I could add additional .dll and .com files with registration ability successfully.
Now i'm going to deploy my VB .Net project and I tried four deployment systems such as; VB .Net Publish, Visual Studio Installer, InstallShield LE ,InstallShield 2010 for Visual Studio 2010, but unfortunately still have problem with my project's dependencies!
My project has some references such as; OLEDB 12,OLEDB 14, Visual Basic PowerPack and etc. But seems Visual Studio deployement programs could not recognize them, so I have to install bunch of them separately. Note that I added "Primary Output", used "Perform Static Scan", "Perform Dynamic Scan", added my project's references as Assembly but it didn't work. Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance.