Innovasys release HelpStudio 3


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Feb 16, 2006
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Innovasys release HelpStudio 3
Help Authoring made easy

TORQUAY, DEVON, UK (May 2007) – Innovasys announced the release of HelpStudio 3. HelpStudio is the fastest, easiest way to create and publish help systems and integrate them with your desktop or web based applications or components, including .NET.

Version 3 introduces a range of new features and functionality that make it easier than ever to great professional quality Help systems for your solutions.

***Multiple Language Authoring - HelpStudio is the only mainstream Help Authoring Tool to allow you author multiple languages within a single project as well as provide seamless integration with translation providers via the new XML Import / Export functionality.

***Widgets – Widgets are a revolutionary concept in help content authoring, unique to HelpStudio. Widgets allow users to create and maintain complex content (e.g. drop down sections, enlarge in place images) without knowledge of HTML or javascript. Widgets can be modified over time, or for different outputs without requiring rework to existing content that uses them.

***Feedback – HelpStudio 3 includes comprehensive support for gathering and analyzing feedback from help system users. Feedback support is included in every HelpStudio license without any additional cost.

***Source Control – The existing seamless integration with Source Control systems has been enhanced in v3 with support for Team Foundation Server, SourceGear Vault and MSSCCI based providers.

***Style Management – Rich support for creating, managing and applying styles, fully integrated into the authoring environment. Includes a visual style picker window and an integrated style sheet editor.

***Page Map and Element Bar – Innovative new interfaces to visually map the topic structure to simplify editing and selection, particularly useful in complex topics.

***Booklet Enhancements – PDF booklets can now include a full Index and Glossary.

***Runtime Merge – Support for merging multiple help files into a single help system at runtime.

Authoring professional quality help content, particularly with complex content such as drop down sections, enlarge in place images and other dynamic elements has traditionally been a time consuming, costly and skills intensive task. HelpStudio dramatically simplifies the process, freeing the author to concentrate on content authoring and arming them with a powerful customizable suite of tools to further improve productivity.

Richard Sloggett, technical director at Innovasys, said, “HelpStudio 3 is a further step forward in enabling authors to create great looking, dynamic help content with minimum effort. We’re excited to be the first mainstream Help Authoring Tool vendor to introduce multi language authoring and translation support – this will help enable companies to take their solutions to a global audience.”

HelpStudio is the full version of the “HelpStudio Lite” product developed by Innovasys for Microsoft and distributed by Microsoft in the Visual Studio 2005 SDK.

Further information, a free trial version, or an upgrade for existing HelpStudio users can be obtained from the Innovasys website or by contacting


Innovasys produces a range of innovative tools and components for Windows developers. Formed in 1997, the Innovasys product line has been gradually refined through careful customer research and extensive beta cycles.

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