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Jun 3, 2004
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I'm creating a smart client application using .NET 3.5. A winforms client connecting through WCF services to retrieve data from SQL 2008. I need to pass a username/password (encrypted and over HTTPS) and return information such as:

-Is this user (e-mail address) under a current subscription

-What server should we go to next for all subsequent calls (poor man's load balancing)

-What server/database should be used in the connection string (credentials not required), as people could be using different databases depending on their subscription, etc.

So my first call when signing on sends the credentials which a lookup is performed. A serializable class will be used to create a token object (I assume this is the way to handle this) which will return the expiration, server info, database info.

The question is on all subsequent calls do I pass this token as a parameter to every service contract (web method) or can I leave all my current contracts as is and pass the token in a header or some other more universal method?

How do you suggest implementing a token system such as I describe?

Thank you
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