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Dec 7, 2004
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Hi everyone, currently working on a digital watermarking system in VB.NET and was wondering if it would be possible to convert a string from a text box into bitmap format in-order to use it as a watermark. I currently have a programming which works by using a bitmap from file, the code is below if it would help:

Private Sub btnWatermark_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnWatermark.Click

Dim watermark_bm As New Bitmap(picWatermark.Image)

Dim result_bm As New Bitmap(picImage.Image)

Dim x As Integer = (result_bm.Width - watermark_bm.Width) \ 2

Dim y As Integer = (result_bm.Height - watermark_bm.Height) \ 3

DrawWatermark(watermark_bm, result_bm, x, y)

watermark_bm =
New Bitmap(picWatermark2.Image)

y = 2 * (result_bm.Height - watermark_bm.Height) \ 3

DrawWatermark(watermark_bm, result_bm, x, y)

picImage.Image = result_bm

End Sub

Private Sub DrawWatermark(ByVal watermark_bm As Bitmap, ByVal result_bm As Bitmap, ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer)

Const ALPHA As Byte = 128

' Set the watermark's pixels' Alpha components.

Dim clr As Color

For py As Integer = 0 To watermark_bm.Height - 1

For px As Integer = 0 To watermark_bm.Width - 1

clr = watermark_bm.GetPixel(px, py)

watermark_bm.SetPixel(px, py, Color.FromArgb(ALPHA, clr.R, clr.G, clr.B))

Next px

Next py

' Set the watermark's transparent color.

watermark_bm.MakeTransparent(watermark_bm.GetPixel(0, 0))

' Copy onto the result image.

Dim gr As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(result_bm)

gr.DrawImage(watermark_bm, x, y)

End Sub

Any help would be greatly recieved,



hi , i m doing audio watermark project now ... mind to give me some starting point of audio watermark ? i totally no idea..
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