Question How to open similar form when we want to open a new window from a WebBrowser control?


Apr 2, 2009
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Hi All,

I have a WebBrowser Control in a Windows Form. Its working fine and navigating pages in it well. But, when a link which opens a new window is clicked, it is opening the url in Internet Explorer. But, I want it to open in another instance of my form.
I have tried to solve this by handling NewWindow event. But, in vain. Is there any property which gives us the navigating url when a link is pressed?:confused: If so, we can easily open another instance of this form and pass that url to the WebBrowser control in that form.

Another problem is that, when the link is opened in IE, the session variables are not passing. So, if it is a secured page, it is showing that session out.

Any suggestion is appreciated!

Thanks and Regards,

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