Resolved How to Expand RootNode


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Oct 26, 2015
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It's been over an hour and I'm sure it's the simplest of fixes, but I'm just not understanding the structures and relationships.
I have a treeview... it's populated with folders and files.
When population is complete, I would like the (root, toplevel, first folder) to be expanded.

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At the end of the PopulateTreeView, I added rootNode.expand(). Found this in a video on YT... finally
For future reference, don't provide code as an attached text file. Provide only the relevant code and post it directly as text, formatted as code.

Please, where do I find these rules? This is the second time I've been corrected and there's nothing in the Terms and Rules about this etiquette. I don't like making things difficult for others.
It's not a documented rule that I'm aware of. It's just a matter of what's generally better for the people who are likely to help you. Some people will be using a phone and even on a PC it's easier if the code we need is right there and easy to read without any extra hoops to jump through. I frequent a number of programming forums and it is generally accepted on all of them that posting minimal code directly and correctly formatted is the best way to get help because it keeps the work required in order to help to a minimum.