How to call a query in Access that contains a custom variable?


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Jan 24, 2005
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Hi. I have a table and an update query in MS Access that updates to the table when it is beinb run. The result of the update query comes from a function that I have added as a module to the MS Access db. For intance,

Update Tbl SET field.Tbl = FunctionXYZ(aug1, aug2, aug3)

I can run this query with no problem in Access, but I can't seem to run it if I were to call it as stored procedure with the following line:

intResult = objcommand.ExecuteNonQuery()

Basically, VB.NET can't recognised FunctionXZY and therefore returns an error.

Is there another way to go around it if VB.NET indeed cannot call such a type of update query? Thank you very much.

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