How do I call the functions of a class form within another class?


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Mar 9, 2005
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I have a project in .NET, which includes a lot of .asp files which are not actual pages but something like classes, each of them containing a number of functions written in VBscript. There are numerous calls between functions from different .asp files.
I want to transform each these .asp files into a corresponding vb class. My questions are:
1)Once I copy-paste the code of each of these .asp files into a class and make all the necessary syntax changes, how can I call the function F1 of class A, for example, from within the function F2 of class B? Do I need to instantiate class A within class B, as objA and then call objA.F1? Is there some way around that, so that I won't have to instantiate class A each time, because there will be a hell of lot of classes and even more cross-class function calls. Can I somehow "include" class A in class B and call class A's functions as if they were class B's?

2)While I still have classes and .asp files in my project, is there any way I can call functions included in an .asp file, from within a vb class?
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