Help with datagrid and tabs


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Sep 9, 2004
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[font=verdana, arial, helvetica]I am very new to vb .net, so please bare with me. I am setting up a vb .net form that will utilize data from an access database. The program is used to track employee training.

I have a form setup with 7 tabs. The first tab has a datagrid on it. I want to load the data from the database into the datagrid. I want to then be able to click on a row and have the data populate onto the next 6 tabs. I know that i have to go into the databinding settings and attach the tag to the data field that I want it to display. I also want to click on the add button on the front tab where the datagrid is and have it open the next tab to start entering a new record. The next 6 tabs are where I want to enter the data and have it save it back into the access db.

The front tab I also want to display only 4 fields out of the database. Is it easier to make multiple tables and use the table with just 4 fields to make the dataset, or is there an easy way to display only the 4 fields I wish.

Sorry for such an unorganized message, but I am pulling my hair out and ready to launch my PC. Thanks for the help!