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Feb 27, 2005
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Hi, I’m having a little trouble getting my head around this and any help would be greatly appreciated, I have really only started using recently.

Basically I’m look to use the Open Diag command to access a text file, and then have its contents stored in an array. The contents of the text file look like the following

FST, Decide Project, 100, 22/2/04, 23/2/04
FST, Plan Project, 50, 22/2/04, 24/2/04
OP, Pass Project, 25, 22/2/04, 29/5/04

I’m basically stuck on how to load the data into the array from the text file so that I can reference the different parts, i.e. I’m looking to split each line up so that I have access to the individual elements, for example so I could look up a task name from the array, and use that to return the corresponding integer value to be used else where
In a loop read through each line into a string then use .split(",") to split and put it into your array.

Cheers, I was hoping Id be able to do something like that but I wasnt totally sure. Ill give it a try, just as soon as I figure out how get VB to read the data and store it as a string in the first palce :)