Question Help needed to create VB.NET program, please Excel background.


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Apr 30, 2018
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Hi everyone. I am totally new to VB.NET however I do have some experience with VBA in Excel. I thank in advance for any comment, suggestion and assistance.

Using VB.Net I want to accomplish the following:
Form 1-
To be able to import an excel master file which will have a structure for data from another file. The structure is – Ref No. – Name – Contact No. – Amount. This file stays open in the background to access data.
The import a second file to update or populate this master file with all the relevant data and then close the second file.
On this form also I want to show some graphs in terms of number of names and total amounts.

Form 2-
Has a drop down combobox with text fields to populate. The combobox is populated with the list of Ref No from the master file in form 1.
When the use selects a Ref No. from the combobox the text fields here in form 2 will be filled with the corresponding data from the master file from form 1. This could work using index value of combobox, I think.

The use is able to edit data and save this date and export to an excel file also.

Thank you once again.
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