Has anyone ever deployed Crystal reports components on an ISP Web server?


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Aug 19, 2006
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Hi all,
We've developed a web application using .NET, and have installed this on our LAN web server. Part of the application uses Crystal Reports, and we've got this working using the "Merge Modules". All OK so far.
But we would now like to deploy the application onto an ISP Webserver running IIS. Obviously we don't manage the web server, we can only upload our application.
At the moment we're getting the error "Cannot find KeycodeV2.dll, or invalid keycode." when we try to open the Crystal reports components on the ISP Webserver.
We don't have permission to install the merge modules onto the webserver - we can only upload the code via FTP...

Can anybody offer any advice on how to get Crystal report web components running on an ISP webserver, and exactly what do we need to ask the ISP to do.

Thanks very much, hope to hear some replies soon!
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