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Feb 15, 2011
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Including FREE GdPicture Forms Processing Plugin - OMR and Template Recognition

Toulouse, France – 15 February 2011, GdPicture, leading provider of comprehensive Document Imaging Toolkits, today announced the immediate release of GdPicture.NET V7.4. This powerful upgrade provides feature additions, performance enhancements and a new plug in, which is included for free in GdPicture.NET Toolkits Ultimate Edition.

Loïc Carrère, CTO commented “Continually pushing our own development cycles has allowed us to massively improve performance with v7.4, especially in our handling of TIFF’s. We’ve also managed to incorporate fast and accurate Optical Mark Recognition (OCR), making handwritten conversion quick and efficient. We are committed to providing interim free releases to our users.”

About GdPicture.NET Toolkits
GdPicture.NET is a suite of fully-featured & 100% royalty-free Document Imaging SDK. Delivered as .NET components, these toolkits allow developers to compose, display, capture, edit and print documents from within their own C#, VB.NET and CodeGear applications.

About GdPicture Forms Processing Plugin
GdPicture Forms Processing Plugin is a royalty free & thread-safe extension of GdPicture.NET SDK which provides anchoring mechanism and OMR features.

New Features in GdPicture.NET Toolkits V7.4
- OMR (requires Forms Processing Plugin)
- Template Recognition (requires Forms Processing Plugin)
- Better TIFF support
- Battery of bug fixes & performance improvements

GdPicture Forms Processing Plugin - $349
GdPicture.NET Document Imaging $1194

Evaluation toolkits are available free of charge from:
GdPicture Toolkits Evaluation.


About ORPALIS – GdPicture
Founded in 2003, GdPicture is a leading provider of comprehensive Document Imaging Toolkits for developers. .NET libraries and ActiveX components, GdPicture Toolkits enable you to quickly and easily add features to your applications like OCR, image processing, PDF creation, image conversion, image viewing, PDF viewing, automatic document recognition, 1D barcode recognition, DataMatrix barcode recognition, document printing, TWAIN image acquisition, WIA image acquisition, JBIG2 compression, Thumbnail Viewer control, and many more, covering all areas of document imaging technologies.
Press Contact:
Elodie Tellier -
Toulouse, France
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