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May 20, 2015
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The folder permissons have 'EVERYONE' set to tick on everything

Full control
Read & Execute
List Folder contents

There is also [company name]/Administrators - they have the same settings as above.

There is another group for everyone [CompanyName]/[CompanyName] with same settings as above - We use this group

How can we prevent access to this folder for everyone?
The problem is in the VB.Net application, there are some forms that creates a file
in that folder and 'everyone' who logs into this application are allowed to generate a file
that is written to this folder BUT we don't want them having access to the folder to see all
the files through My Computer->Network->Folder

The software (VB.Net) actually generates files by a logged in user but they shouldn't be able to access the folder when they go to the My Computer->Network->Folder.
We need to make sure it is creating the files and can view documents within the software only.

Can you please advise what settings in the folder security should be allowed? Which settings to be denied?
Does the settings impacts on the software application that creates, deletes or view documents in that same folder?

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Aug 17, 2004
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I've never done this myself so I can't provide details but it sounds like you may need to use impersonation in your application, having the part that saves the file at least do so as a different user that does have permission to access that folder so that you can then deny access for the original user.
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