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Jun 19, 2013
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Hi! I have a windows form (using with several webbrowser controls that are not visible, but which I load websites into and scrape data from to display on the form. These sites update information automatically every 10 seconds or so. The page itself doesn't refresh, just some of the data on the page. I have a timer on the form which scrapes the data every 10 seconds.

This being said, it works fantastic EXCEPT that the mouse cursor continually flickers from a pointer to a pointer/circle, to a full circle (wait cursor, maybe?). This only happens when the cursor is over the form I have loaded. I've tried putting the webbrowsers in a different form and hiding that form, but that didn't stop the flickering. I was wondering if there is either an API call, or some property I missed, that will keep the mouse pointer as the arrow and not flicker when over the form?

I've exhausted my limited knowledgebase so I'm really hoping for a miracle on this one :). Thanks for reading, and let me know if I can clarify anything to help in finding a solution!

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