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Oct 22, 2011
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My name's Will, and I have an issue which I was hoping you could help me with. Last year I created a language learning program in VB.Net (Lingua Magic - Language Learning Software by Will Taylor), and for making the games I found Flash to be the best way of including animation and interaction. For most computers, those running XP and Vista, this runs very smoothly. However, the Flash component which I reference 'Flash.ocx', does not seem to exist in either Windows 7 and is not reliably available in some others. This prompts an application error on startup, and the diagnostics invariably point to this missing component.

At the moment, this is the only method I can find of integrating a Flash UI with VB.Net, using simple fscommands from Flash and getVariables and setVariables from VB.Net. I am still keen to use the Flash files I have created, but I am struggling to find any reliable way of including them in the more recent operating systems.

Any advise on Flash integration, or even Flash alternatives, would be tremendously useful and appreciated.

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Aug 17, 2004
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This has nothing to do with Windows 7. If the user has installed the Adobe Flash Player then that ActiveX control will be available and if they haven't then it won't. Possibly your issue is the fact that it is only available in a 32-bit version, so you need to make sure that your app targets the x86 platform or else it won't work on 64-bit systems.

That said, if you were to use WPF instead of (I suspect) Windows Forms, you may not even need anything extra. It was built from the ground up to support modern features like animation and 3D in hardware.
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