Filtering Data based on a rowfilter applied to a databound table


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Feb 12, 2006
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I hope I can clearly describe my problem. Let's try...

I have a database with a table containing a list of contacts on it. I have bound a dataView of this table to my datagrid which works really well. I am able to filter the data based upon various textbox inputs from the user. This works really well because all the data that I will filter by is stored on the same table.

However I now have a problem. I just tried to do the same for another table, but this table needs to be filtered based upon a rowFilter applied to a table it is joined to. Here's a hyperthetical situation to illustrate the problem....

A datagrid displays a list of cars. A car can be manufacturerd in 1 or more countries, so another table is used to link a car_ID to a number of country_IDs. I need a way of viewing all cars made in say 'Austria'. I don't want to have to requery the database - I want to use a filter.

I guess I need to apply a rowFilter to the countryTable. I tried this, but it just doesn't work. Am I doing this the right way? I tried using a dataViewManager rather than just a single dataView, but this didn't help either. My tables do have relations setup.

Please help - this is for my university dissertation which is due in really soon. ARRRGGGHH!!!

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