Experienced C#/.NET Developer (Germany, remotely)

Julia Isaeva

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Nov 20, 2021
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Vacancy: C# / .NET Developer
Company: Staffwerke (Germany)
Salary: от 3200 - 8000 USD
Working: full time, remote

- advanced experience with C# / .NET
- English proficiency (written & spoken)
- experience with databases (either relational or NoSQL)
- willingness to learn about new technologies and tools based on project requirements
- immediate availability
- be registered as a freelancer

- familiarity with Docker and Azure
- familiarity with a frontend language/framework, preferably Angular
- surprise us with your other useful skills

You get:
- long-term service contract
- fully remote work from wherever you can connect
- competitive salary based on experience and skills
- work only with the best people of the industry
- do as many hours as you want, the minimum capacity is 40h/week but there's no upper limit from our side
- start working yesterday, no funny 3 month delay
- 0 annoying customer meetings

About us:
Premium IT service provider working exclusively for high-profile enterprises. Our focus lies on quality over quantity - we are proud to deliver impeccable code and an unequalled development experience.
Originated in Germany, we're working mainly for German / D-A-CH clients for more than 10 years now. This particularly demanding market offers complex projects evolving around a wide variety of contexts and industries, so you are guaranteed to not get bored!

To apply:
We ask for a piece of your very own source code so we can evaluate your skills as a developer. Doesn't have to be an entire project, important is that it's written by you.
Please reach out specifying your availability (e.g. immediate, next week, never), your capacity in hours per week, as well as your expected hourly rate if you have one. And don't forget the code sample ;)

Contacts: juliakohan22@gmail.com


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Aug 17, 2004
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hello Julia, is this position is still vacant?
They may not be monitoring this thread. If you haven't already, I'd suggest contacting them via the email address in post #1.
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