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ali shah

Jan 13, 2005
Programming Experience
Hi ,
I m using vb.net 2003 i want that if i scan a barcode from the scaner my control should move to the next textbox and the problem is that the products i have to scan have diferent lenght of barcodes,
so i want that if the text in barcodes is finished that is if the scaners completes the scaning the control should move to the next text item

looking for any one's help


ali shah
ok what i understand that you are developing a system and you are scaning some barcodes of the products and you may need to scan the IMEI no and PINNO etc of that product but their lenght is not fixed and you want that your scanner finish the scaning when the loength of the textbox is completed am i right?
ya ok then i faced the same problem in the past how i solved it that i made another form in which i had two fields textbox1 and textbox2 then i made a class in which idefined two variables a and b as integer

then i used the scaner to scan the barcode and imei in the fields and

using clsglobal.a = textbox1.textlength
clsglobal.b = textbox2.textlength

then i used these values in my next form

i'e if txtbarcode.textlength = clsglobal.a then


try this hopefully this will work

but remember this methos is good only if you have a bunch of barcodes of same length
and not good if you are scaning just two or three barcodes

hi dear ali shah

tannks a lot you have send me the right thing i needed

thnk a lot for you reply and interst

faizan ahmed