Ent Library - substitute data from app.config


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Apr 29, 2006
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I have been searching the internet for 12+ hours on how to do this. At this point I'm about to give up. I am using VB .Net 2.0 with the enterprise library jan 2006 release. This is my first time using it and I'm a novice to .Net. I am using the data access quickstart solution and I just started adding my own forms and stuff to it. I got my sql query to work and populate a dataview on my new form with just a few lines of code. Here is my problem :
I work in an environment where we have 2000+ MS SQL servers. My app will use a text box to get the name of the server you wish to connect to and retrieve data. The ent lib seems to have the server name hard coded in the app.config file. When I use my createdatabase method how do I substitute a different server name from the one in the app.config? I need this to be as simple as possible becase I am a novice and might not be able to implement something that is too complex.
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