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Apr 7, 2005
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Hello All.

I have a "Consultation" form in my VB.NET application. It is meant to catch a history of consultation with a client regarding a project application that they made. When a client files an issue with the company they may include emails, excel documents, pdf's and even (in the future) items for systems not yet written, and so forth.

The consultation system goes like this:

A Customer/client is a member of an organisation.
The client makes the application for funding on behalf of the organisation.
If there are any issues like, for example, the application is not filled correctly or completely, or the payments for funding fell down a black hole, or if they just need to get something off their chest related to the project application, then the system should be able to record that an issue was raised.

The "Consultation" Table contains the contact ID (The contact table contains the organisation ID), and other general data. Any consultation could in theory continue for some time and have many "events" attributed to it. Each of these events may be emails containing word documents,pdf's,excel documents or whatever. Therefore a consultation can have one or many consultation events.

Here is the question (and related sub-questions): How can I store the email and any attachments for any particular event by allowing the user to drag-drop an email into the system. What type of control could I use to allow the user to drag-drop an item like this. How could I store the item in a mysql table (taking that I already have the code to connect to the database, and so forth).

I thought about storing each item added in a record in another table called consultationeventobjects which would simply reference the consultationevent item and have a field of type BLOB which would be the actual item (Email, word document ...)

My other issue is how to open the item if the user clicks on, say a email in this control.

I dont want a reference to the items dragged in case the source items are removed or moved, causing a broken link.

I hope someone has some good ideas.

I must also add that I am proposing using a "panel" control. Not quite sure how to display the items in the panel, but I have written some dragdrop code before (Eg. Dragging ListViewItems into a richtextbox) so I do understand the dragdrop mechanism as well.


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