Divelements releases World’s first complex business-grade Silverlight controls


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Feb 9, 2009
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(February 9 2009) Divelements Limited announced today the immediate availability of SandDock for Silverlight and SandRibbon for Silverlight. The first of their kind to be released for the Silverlight platform, these products are being used by developers to bring line-of-business functionality to their web applications with cross-browser capabilities.

SandRibbon is a comprehensive implementation of the Office 2007 Fluent User Interface, delivering powerful features like dynamic resizing, popup resizable galleries, contextual tabs and conforming to all relevant sections of the guidelines published by Microsoft. SandDock offers dockable and collapsible tool windows, hierarchical tabbed documents and standalone windowing support on a platform that itself has no windowing capabilities.

Tim Dawson, Chief Software Architect at Divelements, said: “Having posted the first release of SandDock late last year and following a beta period for SandRibbon, we are able to offer two exceptionally stable and full-featured products. They have met with a hugely positive response and hundreds of people are already using them to tremendous effect to improve or create business web applications.”

SandRibbon is priced at $199 per developer and SandDock is priced at $149 per developer. Discounted pricing for purchases of multiple licenses is available.


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About Divelements
Divelements is an established supplier of quality user interface components targeted primarily at the Microsoft .net platform. With controls available for Windows Forms, WPF and now Silverlight, our products are recognized across the industry as offering the rich features demanded by complex applications while retaining a simple, easy to use API and lightweight redistributables.

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