Database program


May 5, 2005
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Database program

Can anyone help me with the above

This is the aim of the program

A shop needs a program to view orders placed by customers

There will be 2 screens, the first will allow a selection of a customer ID from a drop down list box. The screen will then display all selected customer details in read only text boxes. A data grid will also be on the screen to show all orders placed by this customer

When the user double clicks a row on the data grid a dialog will appear, this will consist of a data grid and close button. The data grid will display the order details for the selected order on the first screen

The data handling will be implemented via a new class
The properties of which are as follows

Customer ID (Read/Write)
First Name (Read Only)
Last Name (Read Only)
City (Read Only)
State (Read Only)
Zip Code (Read Only)

Get Orders (Returns a data view of all orders for a
current customer ID)

GetOrderDetails (Returns a data view of the order
items for a given order ID)

A custom exception class also needs to be created and the new exception will be raised if a customer ID passed to the class is not in the database. Both data grids need to be data bound to the data views return from the class

I've designed the interface for the first screen but
need some coding/tips on how to tackle the assignment

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