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Jun 3, 2004
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I have a datatier which has all of my connections, dataadpters, etc. One of my dataadpters pulls out a concatenated field like this:
SELECT DISTINCT ROW [tblMaster].Prefix & [tblMaster].Num & [tblMaster].Change AS ReqNum
FROM [tblMaster]

Okay the dataset (dsReqNum) is fine from the dataadapter and I can preview the datajust fine. So I have placed a dataview in this datatier which uses this dataset as the table.

Now in my main form I create the data tier object and the dataview object and call a function from the datatier which is suppose to return the dataview bound to this dataset. The function is coded as follows:
Public Function getReqNum() as DataView

Return dvReqNum

End Function

Now at the form load event I have my load event as follows:
Dim objReqTrakInfo As ReqTrakData 'Data tier
Dim dvReqNum1 as Dataview

objReqTrakInfo = New ReqTrakData
dvReqNum1 = objReqTrakInfo.getReqNum()

'bind the dv to the combobox
With cboReqNum
.DataSource = dvReqNum1
.DisplayMemeber = "ReqNum"
.ValueMember = "ReqNum"
.SelectedIndex = -1
End With

Catch err as Exception

End Try
End Sub

Now I compile it and it gets no errors, it runs fine except that my combobox is contains no values!

Can someone help?

Thanks, Chester
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