Data gets restored, but functionality differs after returning from tombstoning


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Mar 16, 2011
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I have an app in which there is a TextBlock that I dynamically update when the user taps certain buttons. When the user first goes to the page, this works perfectly. When the user leaves, I save all the data into Isolated Storage like I should, and then recover the data when they return. The value of the TextBlock is calculated based on the data that gets stored in Isolated Storage, and I know that all of that is successfully restored when returning, because it displays it correctly (as well as calculating and displaying the value for the TextBlock). But when they return from tombstoning, tapping the buttons does NOT dynamically update the TextBlock! I did a little debugging to see what is happening after returning from tombstoning, checking the Text property of the TextBlock before and after it should be updated, and it was correct in both places, but did not get updated on screen. Why does the Text property get updated on screen before tombstoning, but not afterwards? The exact same code is used before and afterwards, the debugger even says it is updated. It is just a plain and simple TextBlock, so what is the problem? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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