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Apr 24, 2024
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i was trying to create an export from an .mdb file to .xlsx
my code is working but my result if i do this with i get an unsorted list.
when i try to export this with access i get the option to keep the layout.

is this also possible with

the main reason is i want to get a sorted list is because i would like to update the prices of my data base.
the data base can't be changed.

the way i work now to do this is by exporting the access file to excelA.
i have an excelB that reads the lines of excelA en looks to another excelC (that i exported from discoverer with the prices).
this gives me an filled in excellB.
i've created a new .accdb witch is linked to this excellB.
this way i can copy past the Column from the .mdb from my .accdb.

if someone has an other idea of making this easier your welcome.
like filling in the .mdb with a lookup in the excellB would also work and maybe easier.
but because i had the excel already i tried it first this way.
If you want to do it via VB.Net you can open the Access database (using ADO) and run a query to grab the data you want, in that query order the results as desired. You can then write it to a text file (.csv) that Excel can open and know what to do with. This should get you what you're looking for.

The best option for you is just using Access as a datasource for Excel or you can even use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) to pull the data from Access and write it to Excel, if you want more control over the process.

In the end you're trying to change the price data in the database with the information you're going to enter in Excel?

When you say you can't change the database, to what extent? You can change the data but not tables, queries, and forms?

EDIT: rereading your workflow I'm understanding it a bit more (sans what discoverer is, can that data be retrieved without a manual export?) You want to update Access with new prices from Discoverer. If so you don't need Excel, VB.Net would be a good resource for this, if you can't just create a form in Access even in the new accdb version that is linked to the mdb
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