Creating my own cut & paste


Feb 23, 2010
Programming Experience
We have a somewhat unique situation.

We are running GlobalScape AVAILL between an office in chicago and an office in shanghai.

The syncing is not really the fastest due to the distance, as well as many other china internet related items. (We are currently using a VPN through the internet, no MPLS).

Here is our topo:
AVAILL server and agent on a computer in chicago.
AVAILL agent on a computer in shanghai.

GlobalScape suggested to us to do all of our 'moves' on the shanghai side so that the transfers will be as speedy as possible.

Here's my programming issue. I would like to have two new windows explorer right-click menu utilities - Scut and Spaste. (S for shanghai). These utilities will insure that our chicago office will have the most seamless time moving files & folders.

I know how to put new commands into the context menu, but I was wondering if anyone as written their own cut and paste? These would make sure that the items only get moved on the shanghai agent and not in chicago.

Any suggestions / code?
Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.
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