Creating Collection of shapes


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Aug 23, 2004
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hi there everyone,

i very new to vb and even newer to i am studying it at college but i am struggling with the basic concepts of object programming i have been given an assignment where i have to draw different shapes (circle, square ellipse, rectangle) i have managed to draw these shapes using classes but i have to be able to draw more then one of each shape and be able to move them around on the screen and resize them. i think i need to create a collection shapes but im not sure how i go about doing this if anyone could help me do this that would be great

i select the shape i want to draw using a menu i can send the code if need be but there is a fair bit of it as i have a different class for each shape that i want to draw

also if anyone wants to tutor 2 college girls over the internet in please send an email to
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