Question CookieContainer in Compact Framework


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Jun 26, 2010
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I am trying to write a program that can log into my mobile providers website to check my data usage, and have hit a hurdle.

I'm just learning all these new functions, and am very much a beginner to .NETCF and .NET.

Basically, I have code that sends a GET request to the login page, then sends POST with the login details etc, when I coded it in just normal .NET I used CookieContainer.

I wrote the entire code in .NET initially for ease to test the waters (much quicker than going to and from the phone as I am now). The code works perfectly on the PC under Windows. But as soon as I port the code to the phone, I encountered a few errors, which I have overcome.

I am now stuck at the cookies part. I have been googling for days now, and cannot find anything on any solutions to this.

I can't modify the server, so I have to do it purely in my application.

Has anyone done this at all?

There is no CookieContainer in .NETCF and I have no idea on what is available to me to work around this.

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