Question connection string not in xml?


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Feb 17, 2015
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Hello everyone.

Excuse me, my English is not very good

I created a small program in vb net to make my SQL backups there is already some time. I want to improve it a bit.
My app uses textbox to use the connection string sql concatenation, it works perfectly if my session is open but I also like that it can operate closed sessions not possible in the state neither planned task because the functions interact with office works very well with the new Windows server OS, I have to make a Windows service and change my code.

From what I have seen I have to use a class to get my connection string and would not be my xml.

Unfortunately I know not well this possibility and I also saw with singleton.

My question is, how this connection string in a xml file and play the file in a class.

I want to put the name of the base hard in my code because the server and database names are not necessarily all the same so I would like a way to record via textbox or other information databases manually into a file when the program installation or subsequent modification of the backup.

So if you have code examples or program.

again thank you in advance
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