Composite Control with GridView containing dynamic button not firing RowCommand


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Jul 18, 2006
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Ok, I've run up a custom class derived from CompositeControl and have added a gridView to it. There's also a custom templatefield containing a linkbutton that is added to the gridView in an onInit override and I've added public events for the rowCommand and rowDataBound plus handlers to private subs that raise the relevant events.

The rowDataBound is firing exactly as expected, however I don't get a peep out of the rowCommand event.

I'm recreating the class at postback, so I'm reasonably happy that the viewstate is ok between postbacks, however as far as I can see there is no postback being triggered.

So my question is - has anyone encountered this before? Is it necessary to add a specific handler to the individual linkbutton.command, or does handling the rowcommand of the gridview automatically take care of that?

Additionally, this class is being used in a contentplaceholder of a Masterpage.

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