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Apr 23, 2010
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Real Noob at VB period! I have an application that was created in VB6. The purpose of the application is to transmit source code to a poller modem via a serial comm. The app runs great in VB6 with no problems. I was recently asked to try and convert this app to VB.NET. I've read several posts for the last 1.5 days and finally realize I need some serious guidance! So any help would be greatly appreciated for any learning materials, code reference, etc.

The issue at hand...
Besides the 13 warnings that I have no clue how to resolve and MS just gives me a blank static page, I am receiving an error "my file:property value is not valid error" when I try to debug. The errors that are showing in immediate window are "A first chance exception of type 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.ComException' occurred in AxInterop.MSCommLib.dll."

I have the "My file" which is a big hex mess, in the /bin folder so I know it is there. I have a feeling that I'm being pointed in a direction from reading that this is a MSComm1 issue? The app seems to function correctly till that point. I get this error repeated several times across the window. I really want to learn this and figure out why the app is crashing!

Other errors include:
CheckedChanged may fire when form is initialized
Could not resolve property of object MS
Mod has a new behavior

Any and all information is appreciated!!!! Thank you!!!!
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