Question Can someone help me with this program?


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Jan 31, 2012
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Ok, so I was assiged to do 2 of these 4 assignments for a VB.NET class. There was a 1st option, but I was able to solve that one. I need help solving one of the options below. They are incredibly difficult (to me, but I am just a beginner), and I cant even figure out where to start. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Option 2

Write a program that would resemble a checkbook register that will ask for input, both deposits and debits, and keep a running total in that person’s bank account. That total would be given upon request of the user.

Option 3
Write a program to run two separate threads printing numbers (or words) in ascending and descending orders. The numbers (or words) should be given by the user.

Option 4
Write a program that has a function to give someone their age if they input their date of birth. Along with their age, the user should receive some trivia about the decade they were born.


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Jul 18, 2006
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*sigh* Why is it people think they're going to get their assignments/coursework done for them here?

If you're doing a VB.Net course, then it's likely these assignments will be based on what you've been taught so far - so what are you finding hard about doing one of those tasks?

The advice you'll receive here will be to help you when you run into hurdles with your coding and understanding of VB.Net...given that you've not even attempted to code anything means you're unlikely to get any help.

Come back when you've made a start and run into something that isn't working for you.
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