C# / VB.NET Word component - GemBox.Document 2.1 Released


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Jul 11, 2012
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GemBox Software has released a new version of GemBox.Document - C# / VB.NET Word component for easy and efficient Word document processing in .NET without Microsoft Word.
GemBox.Document 2.1 supports DOCX reading and writing and adds a new functionality of writing / creating PDF, XPS and image formats.

GemBox.Document has following advantages:
• Unified programming interface for multiple document formats (DOCX, PDF, XPS). More »
• Rich Set of Features. More »
• No dependency on Microsoft Word.
• Many times faster than Microsoft .NET Word automation. More »
• Plain and fair licensing. More »
• 100% managed code (C#), follows .NET class library design guidelines.
• Simple and easy-to-use programming interface. More »
• Preserves unsupported file format features. More »

For more details go to GemBox.Document features page or use GemBox.Document Sample Explorer.

GemBox.Document common uses:
Open Word document in C# / VB.NET.
Create Word document in C# / VB.NET.
Edit Word document in C# / VB.NET.
Print Word document in C# / VB.NET. New!
Convert Word to PDF in C# / VB.NET. New!
Create PDF in C# / VB.NET. New!
Export to Word / PDF from ASP.NET application.
• Generate reports using .NET mail merge.

You can download GemBox.Document Free setup and evaluate GemBox.Document free of charge and for an unlimited time period. Free version is limited to 20 paragraphs.
If you want to use the component in a professional mode – without any limitations – you need to purchase the license key. For more information about evaluation and licensing, see here.

We hope GemBox.Document will improve developer's productivity and functionality & efficiency of document processing / reporting applications.
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