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Aug 10, 2004
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I have a back-end of SQL Server 2000. In my project , i have a richtextbox which contents come from a word document (by copy and pasting inside the richtextbox). So you can assume that inside the richtextbox i can paste a table that i have created in the word document, or bullets e.t.c... How can i save these contents of the richtextbox in my database ??

(I mean : what kind of type should i use for this field(ntext,binary,....) and how can i retrieve this field so that i could view it inside the richtextbox)

Thanks in advance!!!!!:)
The RichTextBox control has a property call Rtf which contains all the formatting codes along with the text. You can save the value of that property in a text field. I don't believe it will work if you are pasting images, but it will work for things such as bullets and tables.