Binding ArrayList (of Structures) to Datagrid Question?


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Apr 12, 2005
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OK. I am **hoping** this is something silly and simple that I'm forgetting to do. I've read some examples on binding a datagrid to an array list and that is what I'm now trying to do. I've got an ArrayList (populated from a structure). I've got the MappingName set to the ArrayList name (which I believe is what I'm supposed to do). I've got each of the items in the ArrayList all as a String which I've also read is necessary (all the ArrayList items have to be of the same type). But I'm not getting a datagrid with the information in it.

Here's what I've got so far ... can anyone see where I'm going wrong?

[font=Courier New][color=#006400]'	structure which will be loaded into the array[/color]
[color=blue]Public[/color] Structure Data
[color=blue]	Public[/color] _ID [color=blue]As Integer[/color]
	[color=blue]Public[/color] _dt [color=blue]As[/color] DateTime
	[color=blue]Public[/color] _text1 [color=blue]As String[/color]
	[color=blue]Public[/color] _num [color=blue]As[/color] Decimal
	[color=blue]Public[/color] _text2 [color=blue]As String[/color]
	[color=blue]Public[/color] _text3 [color=blue]As String[/color]
	[color=blue]Public[/color] _state [color=blue]As Boolean[/color]
	[color=blue]Public[/color] [color=blue]Sub[/color] [color=blue]New[/color]([color=blue]ByVal[/color] id, [color=blue]ByVal[/color] dt, [color=blue]ByVal[/color] text1, [color=blue]ByVal[/color] num, _
			[color=blue]ByVal[/color] text2, [color=blue]ByVal[/color] text3, [color=blue]ByVal[/color] state)
		_ID = id
		_dt = dt
		_Text1 = text1
		_num = num
		_text2 = text2
		_text3 = text3
		_state = state
	[color=blue]End[/color] [color=blue]Sub[/color]
[color=blue]End[/color] Structure
[color=darkgreen]'	this is where I add the structure to the arraylist and then call[/color]
[color=darkgreen]'	the procedure to display the arraylist in the datagrid[/color]
[color=blue]Private[/color] [color=blue]Sub[/color] AddLIArrayItem()
	[color=blue]Dim[/color] temp [color=blue]As[/color] [color=blue]New[/color] Data(intServID.ToString, TextBox1.Text.ToString, _
			TextBox2.Text.ToString, TextBox3.Text.ToString, _
			TextBox4.Text.ToString, TextBox5.Text.ToString, _
[color=blue]End[/color] [color=blue]Sub[/color]
[color=blue]Private[/color] [color=blue]Sub[/color] BindArrayListToGrid()
	DataGrid1.DataSource = arrlstLineItems
	[color=blue]Dim[/color] ts1 [color=blue]As[/color] DataGridTableStyle
	ts1 = [color=blue]New[/color] DataGridTableStyle
	ts1.MappingName = "arrlstFullList"
	[color=blue]Dim[/color] col0 [color=blue]As[/color] DataGridTextBoxColumn
	col0 = [color=blue]New[/color] DataGridTextBoxColumn
	[color=blue]With[/color] col0
		.MappingName = "_ID"
		.Width = 65
	[color=blue]End[/color] [color=blue]With[/color]
	[color=blue]Dim[/color] col1 [color=blue]As[/color] DataGridTextBoxColumn
	col1 = [color=blue]New[/color] DataGridTextBoxColumn
	[color=blue]With[/color] col1
		.MappingName = "_dt"
		.Width = 65
	[color=blue]End[/color] [color=blue]With[/color]
[color=darkgreen]'	I have code for the next 5 columns (numbers 2 - 6) listed[/color]
[color=darkgreen]'	here but since they are all the same (just diff. widths) other[/color]
[color=darkgreen]'	than the mappingname, I figured I would just list the first[/color]
[color=darkgreen]'	two. For each of the columns I do change the .MappingName[/color]
[color=darkgreen]'	to match the structure name for that item (_ID, _text1, _num,[/color]
[color=darkgreen]'	etc.)[/color]
[color=blue]End[/color] [color=blue]Sub[/color][/font]

I am lost at this point. I get nothing but a gray box when I run the code. I am REALLY hoping that it is something simple that I'm missing. As always, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.