Binding ADODB.Recordset to DataGrid


Aug 9, 2004
Nashville, TN
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Hello all,
I am trying to figure out a simple way to retrieve data from a .DBF (FoxPro) file and it's matching .CDX file. I need to bind the returned data to a DataGrid so that a user can update the data and the files accordingly.
i have tried a couiple of things:
1. An RDO.ResultSet was used to retrieve the data, but I was not able to get the data into the datagrid.
2. An ODODB.RecordSet was used, but I am still unable to get the data into the datagrid on the windows form!

I not only need to be able to update the .dbf file, but the .cdx for Visual Fox Pro to continue using as well.

Any suggestions would be great.

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